Chalk box gymnastics is a great place to celebrate your special day! We provide a fun and safe learning environment for children to celebrate a special occasion. The occasion may be a birthday party, family reunion or just a get together.



Party is two hours in length (75 minutes of gym time and 45 for refreshments)

Chalk Box provides gym time and qualified coach(es), party area, goodie bags, and balloons.

The patron supplies cake, refreshments, plates, cups, and extra decorations if desired

Parties are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

One adult representative for the birthday party must remain at the facility at all times


Members     Non-Members

1-8 Children        $90.00                $100.00

9-14 Children         $140.00             $150.00

15-21 Children         $190.00            $200.00

*** Non-refundable deposit of $25.00 must be paid at time of party registration. It will be subtracted from your total. You must book at least two weeks ahead of time. Please call the gym for availability. To book a party, you must stop in to fill out a form.